Bienvenuto, signore Leonardo!

Abyssinian woman, 2018

Oil on canvas

25 x 30 cm


rivolvita, galerie 21, Livorno

Harar, 2018

Oil on canvas

15 x 20 cm

Created in mid-June 2018 this piece is part of an inspirational moment when I was focused on hand embroidery practice. This work has much to do with the Afro-Brazilian folkloric music of Inezita Barroso (1925-2015) "O Funeral do Rei Nagô" [The funeral of Nagô king] and there is no previous sketch for the work; I call this piece as a "bordado-feitiçaria" [witchcraft-embroidery], based on an important silently and concentrated practice, with the hand following the flow of the powerful song.