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Ciao Piero! 

I hope you liked the gift that Luisa and Giancarlo gave to you.

On this page, I put together some information on the piece. Let me know your thoughts :) 



Plethora II, 2019

Hand embroidery, stone, fig pendant

and seed on linen

45 x 28 cm

Plethora II is part of an embroidery series that started in 2018.

In these pieces, there isn't any previous sketch. The free composition is a crucial part of it.  

I use to call this as a "bordado-feitiçaria" [witchcraft-embroidery] works because it is based on an important silently, concentrated and ritualistic practice. On its surface, I mix different small objects used in Afro-Brazilian religious rituals like the fig pendant, the small synthetic bone, and the red and black Brazilian seed.

During the last decade, São Paulo has received many African immigrants (from Senegal, Angola, Moçambique). They are a strong community in town, keeping their cultural more live than ever. In downtown, where I have my studio, these immigrants sell their art every single day on small tables on the streets: masks, incredible textiles, small pieces of jewelry etc.

This enormous vibrant surrounding has a powerful influence as well. 



African textile pattern

african 17.jpg
ogum 2.jpg
Adolf Wolfli.jpg



Adolf Wölfli (1864-1930)

Plethora II_detal.jpg



Detail of Plethora II

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